Urban Decay "Naked 3" Palette Review

I’ve never really been interested in pinkish/rosey colored eye shadows because my wardrobe is limited to a lot of neutral color (mostly black lol) and I tend to lean more toward neutral colors like browns/creams. However I have been loving the rosey hue of the Naked 3! These pinky toned colors are still perfectly neutral enough to wear with everything!
As per Urban Decay's usual, these colors are SUPER pigmented and wear beautifully throughout the day (even on my somewhat oily eyelids, without primer!). The colors range from light pretty pinks, to rose golds and beautiful browns with pink/rose undetones. The only color I had a bit of trouble getting total color pay off from was "Trick", which apparently lots of other people have trouble with too. I solved this little dilemma by rubbing my finger, as if I were swatching it, over the color several times. This basically took the top layer off and after that it was fine! I definitely wouldn't take to it with your tweezers, which I've seen other people do, it's not necessary! The only thing I notice that differs from the Naked 2, in terms of the actual product, is that there is much more fallout! These are definitely soft eye shadows so it’s important to tap the excess off your brush (something I never do with my Naked 2) before taking to your eyelid!
1. Blackheart 2. Darkside 3. Mugshot 4. Factory 5. Liar 6. Nooner 7. Trick 8. Buzz 9. Limit
10. Burnout 11. Dust 12. Strange
Overall, unless you don’t like rosey tinged colors, I don’t see what’s not to love about this palette. It’s perfect for every day wear, night time looks and especially Valentine’s Day! Which is right around the corner!(; This palette would be perfect for a soft, romantic eye or even a sexy, sultry look(; This palette is so versatile and I would highly, highly recommend it.
Find yours at Ulta, Sephora or on Urban Decay's website!
Thanks for sticking along for the ride! Talk soon!
                    Lindsey Quinn

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